Real-time at the edge

You should be building your product, not spending engineering resources managing and maintaining real-time servers. Kanalo is a turnkey service that lets you build real-time experiences with just WebSockets, no servers required.

Serverless WebSockets

Kanalo manages WebSocket connections for you, and can communicate with backend services using HTTPS instead of requiring a constant connection. This means that your backend can be easily scaled if load changes, or even be completely serverless if it suits your use case.

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Routing freedom

Send data from socket to socket, socket to server and back, fan-out, multicast, m to n, or whatever topology you require. Kanalo Pipelines and Tags can direct messages where they need to go in system, so there is no need for client applications to manage the overhead of subscribing and publishing to channels.

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Built for the modern web

Kanalo has been built from the ground up to be fast, resilient, and integrate with the latest technologies. We proactively support modern authentication, edge-first microservice design, and serverless containers in our DNA. Deliver the best experience with Kanalo, on any platform using any stack.

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Transit Time

Real-time is generally defined as under 100ms response time. Kanalo keeps transit time under 20 milliseconds, making apps increadibly responsive.


Infrastructure has to be reliable to be useful. Kanalo's cloud architecture is designed to be resilient and available in all situations.

Develop your real-time applications without worrying about infrastructure. Kanalo connects through standard WebSockets and can meet any demand.

Build with Kanalo and never worry about real-time again.
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